April 14


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Balance Healthy Living-Session Four: Physical Activity

The definition of balance is stability, equality, and harmony. Balanced living is achieved by taking appropriate care of all areas of life. Individuals achieve greater life balance when they do not let one area of life take over all their time at the expense of other priorities. Overdoing or underdoing even good things like physical activity can lead to imbalance. Ultimately, living an unbalanced life can lead to stress, health problems, poor relationships, and lost productivity.

Balanced Living is a five-part series: “Balance Your Time,” “Manage Your Stress,” “Feed Your Body,” “Move Your Body,” and “Rest Your Body.” Each session is designed to run 1 hour.

Although many things are a part of balanced living, time management, stress management, mindful eating, physical activity, and sleep are the major components addressed in this curriculum because these areas tend to be overlooked when life gets hectic or out of control. The goal of this series is for participants to gain knowledge and skills to live a more balanced life.

Join Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension Program’s Family & Community Health County Extension Agent and our Veteran Business Resiliency Accelerator (VBRA) Cohorts each Tuesday and Thursday over the next three weeks from 12 NOON -1:00 PM(CST) for live food preps demonstrations on ways to help control “entrepreneur stress” through healthy meal prep. Generous funding from this program provided from LifFund’s Women Veteran Entrepreneurship Program (WVETP) and United Way Tarrant County Mission Union. A list of meal plan ingredients will be sent prior to the webinar for you to join in the live demonstrations from your home or workplace!